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Shop at over 1,000 online stores that donate up to 10% of your purchase to support our cause.

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Make your reservation on your favorite travel websites & 10% of your purchase will be donated to support our cause!

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Donate Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Donate any digital currency to support our mission. Get a donation receipt to deduct on your taxes and avoid capital gain taxes!

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Donate Your Vehicle To Support Our Cause

We accept any car, truck, boat, plane, RV & more. We pick up your vehicle and provide a tax receipt for the maximum deduction.

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We accept used cell phones, laptops, gaming systems, tablets and more. We send you a prepaid shipping label and donation receipt.

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$500 Toyota Grad Rebate

Upcoming and recent college grads may be eligible for a $500 rebate on the purchase or lease of a new Toyota. Click for details.

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Automatically collects donations for us when you shop, donate used electronics, vehicles, cryptocurrencies and more.

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Link your Harris Teeter card to Spring Hill ES

Click to link your VIC card. The Spring Hill ID is 5144. Harris Teeter requires participants to re-link their VIC cards to Spring Hill every year.

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Link your card to Spring Hill ES

Click the link to register. The Spring Hill ID is 02004

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